Participating Institutions

Brown University Library - since 2002
Columbia University Libraries - since 1999
Cornell University Library - since 2002
Dartmouth College Library - since 2002
Duke University Libraries - since 2015
Harvard University Libraries - since 2011
Johns Hopkins University Libraries - since 2014
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries - since 2011
Princeton University Library - since 2002
Stanford University Libraries - since 2017
University of Chicago Library - since 2013
University of Pennsylvania Libraries - since 1999
Yale University Library - since 1999

Resource Sharing Administrative Groups

Resource Sharing Group

The Resource Sharing Group is made up of Associate University Librarians and Heads of Public Services. The Resource Sharing Group provides leadership related to all aspects of discovery, delivery, and post-delivery services through their commitment to sustain and further develop a resource sharing network that provides increasingly faster, simpler, and less fettered access to the resources users need to teach and conduct research.  Elements of this network include enhanced interlibrary loan, document delivery, cross-consortial partnerships, and the sharing of international resources.  The Resource Sharing Group also identifies new initiatives to support the Ivy Plus Libraries confederation’s nascent suite of cooperative services.

Operations Group

The Operations Group is the backbone of the partnership. The Operations Group manages the day-to-day processing, distribution, and oversight of the BorrowDirect service. Operations members work closely across institutions to share the expertise and best practices that have created a robust infrastructure for resource sharing.

Systems Group

The BorrowDirect Systems Group is an ad hoc group that brings together IT professionals from across the Partnership to address specific support, development, and implementation needs.